mom confessions #3

because i don’t know what i’m doing and i can’t afford therapy… mom confessions #3 i NEVER wanted this to happen, but it has happened any way, i treat my children differently. for example, my first child just turned 9 and i’m not exaggerating when i tell you i have tens of thousands of pictures of…

a letter to my former self

dear former self, you’re so god damned amazing. you’re special. you’re smart. you’re funny. you’re valuable. you’re worthy of only the best things. you don’t know any of this, but you should, because you’re going to give yourself away to people who don’t deserve you. you’re going to give your heart, your time, your friendship…

married truths

things are different when you’re married. people have been saying it for ages, and it’s true. here’s why.

mom confessions #2

because i don’t know what i’m doing and i can’t afford therapy…

mom confessions #1

i confess, i don’t have a freaking clue what i’m doing over here. like i don’t even know where to start i’m so lost. but some how we’re managing, barely. sometimes it hits in layers, sometimes it hits you all at once. time is passing and i’m worried that i’m not doing enough. that i…


change your thoughts, change your world. you can do it sarah. today is the day. today you are brand new. today. 

quitting coffee

i quit drinking coffee last friday. for good. i’m tired of feeling so addicted. tired of buying coffee, and creamer, and coffee cups. tired of whitening my teeth. tired of getting the jitters and caffeine headaches. so instead, i ate a doughnut. 

vacation series: holland, mi

in the spirit of our beach vacation and my desire to save money, we chose Holland, MI for our vacation this year. it’s about a 5 hour drive from home, and it’s situated right on Lake Michigan so all of our beach attire was prepared!

my go-to holiday make-up look

it’s the holidays and i can’t wait!!! i just love this time of year. a smile on every face, the warmth of a cozy sweater, christmas music, comfort food and family, mm mmm mmmm. another one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is dressing up!!! yay dress up!!! and make-up!!! yay for holiday make-up!!! so check out how i put together my go-to holiday look!!! –your welcome!!

20+ of my all-time FAVORITE pregnancy products

my baby boy is two, and my big girl is eight. oh-my-gawd, where did the time go?! where did life go?! i want to cry, it’s so bittersweet and i am struggling beyond words to let-go, even a little bit. i love them both so much and i just want to capture this moment in…