30 ways to know you’ve peaked and you’re getting OLD!

  1. you actually want to take naps.

  2. your bedtime is no later than 10 PM…and sometimes you’re asleep at 8:30.

  3. a night of drinking is met by a four day hangover.

  4. you daydream about being able to take naps.

  5. you like soy milk.

  6. you exercise.

  7. you obey traffic signals.

  8. you eat salads.

  9. your biological clock is ticking.

  10. you talk to your husband about getting a vasectomy.

  11. you’ve started listening to your parents old tunes…and your kids are like “OMG mom! this is so old!”

  12. you say things like, “would you PLEASE turn it down?!”

  13. you love coffee.

  14. you love a fridge full of food.

  15. you cook.

  16. you clean.

  17. you do your own laundry.

  18. you mow grass and clean gutters and other shit like that.

  19. you love pajamas.

  20. fuck getting fancy and going out, give me some netflix, yoga pants, and order in!

  21. you sometimes want to smack twenty somethings just for being 20-something.

  22. you wear less and less make-up…because who gives a shit anyway…not you!

  23. you’re obsessed with skin cream. you just want to prevent all these fucking wrinkles that keep popping up from fucking popping up–FUCK!

  24. you ask yourself things like, “why am i still fighting acne??!! i am too fucking old for acne!!!”

  25. you go to the farmer’s market.

  26. you own your car…and it’s a mom-mobile.

  27. you have debt.

  28. you hate work. and you want to fucking kill someone for not telling you “book reviewer” or “food critic” were potential career options.

  29. you don’t just dye your hair for fun anymore, you actually have to.

  30. you read this list and were like, yep, yep, yep, fuck…



24 thoughts on “30 ways to know you’ve peaked and you’re getting OLD!

    1. lol i try to exercise anyway! and eating salads and going to the farmer’s market, duh! right?! 😉 Thanks for reading!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

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  1. Hi Sarah. You have at least another two decades before the reality of old age rudely reminds you the wheels don’t turn like they used to. But yes, the hair dye ritual is definitely a pointer towards what lies ahead. Thanks for the follow.

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