20+ of my all-time FAVORITE pregnancy products

my baby boy is two, and my big girl is eight. oh-my-gawd, where did the time go?! where did life go?! i want to cry, it’s so bittersweet and i am struggling beyond words to let-go, even a little bit. i love them both so much and i just want to capture this moment in time and live there forever. but i can’t. the time comes and goes. and my husband is closer to a vasectomy than ever. with the experience of childbirth under my belt, i thought i’d share a list of my favorite products and things in pregnancy.

  1. cetaphil moisturizing cream: got eczema? dry skin? flakey skin? or let’s face it, want to avoid stretch marks? rub yo’ self up with this magic stuff! keep rubbin’ it in day and night. you’ll thank me later.
  2. asos maternity clothes: omg the cutest and most affordable maternity clothes in the world! LOVE their selection!!! old navy topped the list when i was pregnant with my daughter, because they had these fold over panel jeans that were to die for!!! six years later they only have the full belly panel and i’m sorry but that is just too granny style for me.
  3. pillows (everywhere): the couch, the bed, the floor, the office. have some pillows, body pillows (or just a few regular old pillows stacked together), neck pillows, cushions etc.
  4. heat pad: muscle spasms, cramps, back pain, wah wah wah=heat pad. not too much, because you don’t want to cook yourself or your little baby, but man a heat pad can do a world of good.
  5. pain-a-trate: the all-natural version of icy-hot, pain-a-trate saved my life when i was pregnant with my son. it could have been that i was 28 instead of 22. it could have been that i was pregnant with a wild boar of a boy instead of a precious little angel girl. whatever the case, pain a trate!
  6. massage chair: another life saver for anyone suffering from back pain while pregnant. working at a desk all day, baby pressing against your spine, rib cage and chest all day, get yourself one of those portable massage chairs and take it with you everywhere you go.
  7. sweatpants: for all those stick models out there who gain like 12 pounds while their pregnant and prance around in maxi dresses, good for you. me, absolutely not. the goodyear blimp (that’s me) lived in sweatpants whenever possible. why bother getting fancy when you can barely bend to put on socks and shoes?
  8. husband’s t-shirt: see “sweatpants.”
  9. tums: heartburn is no joke. never had it until i was pregnant. suffered from it both times, and both kids had a head full of hair like the old wives-tale tells. keep it at your bedside, and get the berry flavor.
  10. prilosec otc: when tums don’t hack it anymore, bite the bullet and take prilosec otc. this stuff is magic because you take it everyday and then you don’t have any symptoms. versus the tums that you take after you’re in agony.
  11. chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast: indulge yourself and get your fruit at the same time. as a serious coffee drinker, i look forward to getting up in the morning and drinking coffee. in pregnancy you can’t have coffee, so to kick start my day and give me something to look forward to in the morning i’d make a batch of strawberries and destroy them first thing!
  12. mud-mask: because your skin gets so stressed i pregnancy, and you deserve a little extra pampering.
  13. face lotion: i have a face-lotion obsession. see fashion + beauty links worth sharing if you’re interested in fancy face lotions and beauty and fashion stuff like me.
  14. flip flops: swollen feet beg to be free. flip flops fit the bill.
  15. slippers: i’m a freak about clean and make everyone take their shoes off at my house. in pregnancy it’s so hard to put on socks, so slippers are a MUST! get a pair to take to the hospital too, because you want to be comfy and you want to be clean and the hospital floor is gross.
  16. moccasins: because sometimes there is snow and rain and flip flops aren’t an option.
  17. pretzels: because you can eat them all day.
  18. h20: because you don’t want to drink your calories, and because it’s good for you and for your baby and for your skin etc etc etc.
  19. pedicure: because you won’t be able to reach your feet. and because when you’re pushing your baby out and your toes are straight up in the air, you’ll want them painted.
  20. extra long maxi-pads with wings: wow maxi pad technology has come a long way from the corn-husks and rags worn by our grandmothers. but just know that this isn’t going to be some ordinary period where you get by with one of those paper thin Carefree maxi’s. you need to go heavy-duty-all-out-coverage for this, especially at night. the hospital will give you some bogus mesh undies and maxi pads that looks like a loaf of bread, so come prepared.
  21. red undies: because even though you might feel like the goodyear blimp, creating a person with the person you love is probably the most intimate, most amazing, and dare i say sexiest possible experience. you’ll never be closer to your partner than in those brief and beautiful moments. wearing red undies #1 makes me feel sexy, and #2 conceals any spotting.
  22. room seven diaper bag: just the cutest bags you’ll ever stumble upon. i’m talking seriously unique and cute.
  23. hospital bag: a well packed hospital bag is essential. just pull together all of the products listed above for yourself, and an outfit for baby to come home in and you’re set! don’t forget to include snacks, your favorite toiletries, and a plan for breakfast/lunch/dinner (depending on when you deliver). you will be tired, and will have worked up an appetite! with both of our children my husband picked up carry-out from my favorite restaurant so we could enjoy some simple comforts and avoid the dreaded hospital food.

if you can think of anything i missed, please share it in the comments below! 😉