5 ways to have a miracle morning

i purchased “the spa handbook” while living in Santa Fe back in 2005. i read it cover to cover and was practicing yoga, eating an organic and healthy (almost vegetarian) diet – and then i moved home, went back to school, started working full-time, had two kids and well here i am. lazy. drinking coffee and soda. eating cheetos and chocolate. just whatever. since graduating i’ve finally had the time to focus on my (long neglected) fitness routine. 

in my attempt to improve my health and wellness routine i picked up my spa handbook and decided to start my mornings with some gentle yoga, meditation and journal reflection. then it dawned on me, this is like a miracle morning, and other people should know about it. so here’s how i rock out with a miracle in the morning!!!

  1. rise and shine: the hardest part of the miracle morning is getting out of bed. seriously. i love to sleep. love it. i could sleep forever. but no pain, no gain right? plus, those extra few minutes in bed never leave me feeling refreshed, instead i end up feeling guilty for not getting up, and sometimes even more tired or stressed from a strange morning dream. also, getting up gets easier once you get in the habit of it. hell, anymore i pop up like pop-tart because i’m so excited for how good i’m going to feel.
  2. hydrate: water is one of the most important parts of my day. pretty much water is life. for everyone. i keep a glass at my bedside every night, and literally every single night i will wake up and drink it. so upon waking i always drink water. i try to think of it as my job to drink water.
  3. yoga: after i’m up and hydrated, i like to get moving and stretching, and yoga is my favorite activity for achieving this goal. i also like yoga because it challenges me. in some ways it comes naturally, as a former ballerina, but in other ways it’s hard as hell, and i love it!!!! i use comcast fitness on demand, and have really been enjoying the free grokker videos.
  4. mediate: once yoga is done and i’ve calmed myself down with savasana it’s time to meditate. again, grokker on demand has some really lovely guided meditation videos. i started meditating when i was a teenager, because i read this book called “a gradual awakening.” it inspired me to practice mindfulness and meditation, and seek enlightenment. it took months of practice. seriously, months, and as a teenager with no kids, no real obligations, it seems like practicing was much easier. but who knows, i had a lot going on then too, so maybe it was equally hard just different. anyway, after months of practice i achieved 45 straight minutes of honest meditation on one occurrence. so i’d recommend that book to anyone interested in learning more about meditation. but mediation is hard, especially on your own, so having a video as a guide is super helpful for anyone who’s new to the practice.
  5. journal: this step is easy to overlook, and i admit i’m not that great at it. but it is helpful to look back and check in with yourself. i’ll write how i felt in my body, limber, tight, etc.; how i felt in my mind, tired, stressed, etc. i also track how long i practiced and any milestones or struggles i encountered.

i’d add a healthy breakfast to the list, but i’d be lying if i told you i follow that regime. i have a hard enough time squeezing all of this in on top of getting the kids ready of school and getting myself to work on time, so i usually grab some fruit or a yogurt on my way out the door.

here are a few pics of my weekend practice. if you’re looking for some inspiration, i’d recommend heading over to instagram. there are so many people out there practicing, and i love to follow other yogis to see their poses and read their updates. plus, sharing snaps like this on my gram (meyoubabyzoo) has been really motivating for me, because i’m able to track my progress and get feedback from other super-yogis!!! makes me feel special!!! 🙂



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