my go-to holiday make-up look

it’s the holidays and i can’t wait!!! i just love this time of year. a smile on every face, the warmth of a cozy sweater, christmas music, comfort food and family, mm mmm mmmm. another one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is dressing up!!! yay dress up!!! and make-up!!! yay for holiday make-up!!! so check out how i put together my go-to holiday look!!! –your welcome!!


yes, this is my bare face, blemishes and all…whatever right?!


Step 1: Prep-Work

this is probably my favorite part of getting ready because i’m so process-oriented…maybe it’s the artist in me…maybe it’s my OCD…or maybe i just love rubbing amazing stuff on my face…all of the above probably.

Step 2: Moisturize

if i do nothing else, i always moisturize. at my age (i’ll admit it, i’m in my 30’s), i’m dealing with all sorts of combination skin issues from oily to bone dry all at once. it’s lots of fun! 😉 so me and my creams, we’re like thissssssssssssss!!! this little duo was part of a free gift set for purchasing the foundation and primer included in this post. because everything on my blog was bargain bought and sought!!!

creameye cream

Step 3: Primer

i really like this stuff, and i apply all of my make-up with my fingers, because it just blends best that way. plus, i don’t want to deal with purchasing applicators, cleaning them, and wasting product.


Step 4: Foundation

no need to over-do it, though if my complexion is especially troublesome, i’ll sometimes apply an extra layer. this isn’t my favorite foundation from their line of products, but they don’t carry the resilience lift version anymore…so here i am.


Step 5: Eyes

i’m not big on eye-shadow in my daily life, but the holidays are the perfect time to pull all the stops and bust out all your favorites that would be over-doing it otherwise. plus this mascara is probably my most favorite ever!!!! seriously LOVE it!!! it’s goes on perfectly!! no clumping or ridiculous looking lashes here.


Step 6: Blush

i have an extremely light complexion, always have and always will, so blush is a must for me to look alive. plus, my look is typically way on the feminine side, because what can i say, i love lace and curls and pearls and pretty things, so blush just completes my look. i do understand that it isn’t for everyone, so to each their own. but i’ve been really loving this color, if you can’t tell.


Step 7: Lips

lipstick is another rare accessory for me, but the holidays just make it feel right!! this revlon cherry blossom color is my go-to red. it’s a true red, not an orange-red or a wine-red, and it has a matte finish so i’ll gloss it up after.


Holiday Photo-Finish

look how pretty!!! self-disclosure, i missed the selfie-train/window and totally suck a taking selfies. so you know i was feeling pretty darn good about myself to be able to nail a decent selfie, because i normally end up looking so totally awkward i can’t deal or share with anyone!


Before + After

a little side-by-side before/after action. both images are no-filter/no-edit, with the exception of my fancy little handwritten addition. i recently got a cell phone after 4 years without and i am falling in love with instagram and making stories and playing with my pictures. sorry in advance!


thanks for reading and happiest holidays to all my blog loves!!! do you have a go-to holiday look to share, because i’d LOVE to check it out!!!! so please comment below or contact me!!!